folk singer-songwriter

“What Amy Speace says – what she sings – she says with a confluence of poetry and honesty, of emotional specificity,” The New York Times.  

That Kind Of Girl CD (2015)

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TKOG cover hi rez 7.2.jpg

That Kind Of Girl CD (2015)


Produced & Mixed by Neilson Hubbard.

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The Band:
Amy Speace: Vocals
Will Kimbrough: Guitars, Vocals
Carl Broemel: Guitars, Pedal Steel
Danny Mitchell: Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Eamon McLoughlin: Strings, Mandolin
Dean Marold: Upright Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Background Vocals: John Moreland, Garrison Starr, Ben Glover, Tim Easton, Doug Williams, Telisha Williams, Rod Picott

Photography: Stacie Huckaba
Design: Keith Brodgon

Track Listing

1. Nothing Good Can Come From This

2. Come Pick Me Up

3. Better Than This

4. Three Days

5. That Kind Of Girl

6. One Man's Love

7. Hymn For The Crossing

8. In Chicago

9. Trouble Looks Good On You

10. Raincoat

11. Strange Medicine

12. Epilogue (I Don't Know How to Stop Loving You)