folk singer-songwriter

“What Amy Speace says – what she sings – she says with a confluence of poetry and honesty, of emotional specificity,” The New York Times.  

Songs For Bright Street (2006)

Bright Street Cover. jpg.jpg
Bright Street Cover. jpg.jpg

Songs For Bright Street (2006)


Produced by James Mastro
Recorded @ The Pigeon Club, Hoboken, NJ

Released by Wildflower Records (2006)

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Track Listing
1. Step Out Of The Shade
2. Water Landing
3. Not The Heartless Kind
4. Two
5. Shed The Skin
6. The Real Thing
7. Make Me Lonely Again
8. Dreaming
9. Row Row Row
10. Right Through To Me
11. Can't Find A Reason To Cry
12. Double Wide Trailer
13. Home