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1. Nothing Good Can Come From This - (Amy Speace)

2. Come Pick Me Up – (Amy Speace/Neilson Hubbard)

3. Better Than This – (Amy Speace/ Kate Klim)

4. Three Days – (Amy Speace/Ben Glover)

5. That Kind of Girl – (Amy Speace/Ryan Culwell)

6. One Man’s Love (Amy Speace/ Beth Nielson Chapman)

7. Hymn For The Crossing – (Amy Speace/Ben Glover)

8. In Chicago – (Amy Speace/Neilson Hubbard)

9. Trouble Looks Good On You – (Amy Speace/Doug & Telisha Williams)

10. Raincoat - (Amy Speace/Kate Klim)

11.  Strange Medicine – (Amy Speace)

12.  Epilogue (I Don’t Know How To Stop Loving You) – (Amy Speace)



Produced and Mixed by Neilson Hubbard. Mr. Lemons Studio, Nashville TN

Engineer Assistant: Zach Bevil

Mastered by Jim Demain. Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Executive Producer: Tom Neff

Photography: Stacie Huckaba

Design: Keith Brogdon


The Band:

Will Kimbrough – Guitars, vocals

Carl Broemel – Guitars, pedal steel

Dan Mitchell – Piano, organ, vocals

Eamon McLoughlin – Violin, viola, mandolin

Dean Marold – Upright bass

Neilson Hubbard – drums, percussion, vocals

Vocals: John Moreland, Garrison Starr, Ben Glover, Tim Easton, Doug Williams, Telisha Williams, Rod Picott.

For studio magic: Neilson Hubbard, Will Kimbrough, Carl Broemel, Danny Mitchell, Eamon McLoughlin, Dean Marold, John Moreland, Garrison Starr, Ben Glover, Tim Easton, Rod Picott, Doug and Telisha Williams. My cowriters and friends Beth N. Chapman, Kate Klim, Ryan Culwell, Ben and Neilson. And thanks to the people who make up my family both in business and in life: Tom Neff, Barbara Manners, John Porter, Craig Grossman, Jamey Wood, Stacie Huckaba, Steve Seskin, Pat Pattison, Clare McLeod, John Fullbright, Renee Rizzo, Robby Hecht & Annie Klaver, Andy Washington, Mary Gauthier, Megan Palmer, Kim Fowler, Amy Kurland, Jon Vezner, Kathy Mattea, Whit & Al Hill, Kira Small, Judy Collins, The East Nashville Song Salon, The Family Wash, The 86’ers and all Speace’s and Platz’s wherever they roam.

Extra special thanks to the team at PledgeMusic who went above and beyond, especially Mike Fordham, Matt Lydon & Jayce Varden. Big thanks to Joel Benisch. A belated thank you to Terry Hawkins. And Pledge Gratitude to: Amy Kind, Carl W. Knobloch, Dan & Kathy Close, Patti Meredith, Phil Collins, Sue & Rich Hanson, Victor Edwards, Vinnie “My Liege” Penna, Lou DeMarco & Rain Fusco, Little Rabbit Barn, Andreas Laemmermann, Jeff Grantham.


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